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This area displays the project information when a safety improvement project is selected.
Data Disclaimer

The information presented on the Florida Traffic Safety Web Portal has been compiled from information collected for the purpose of identifying, evaluating or planning safety enhancements. It is used to develop highway safety construction improvements projects which may be implemented utilizing Federal Aid Highway funds. Any product displaying this notice or provided by the FDOT SSO or derived from the Florida Traffic Safety Web Portal shall be used only for the purposes deemed appropriate by the Florida Department of Transportation. See Title 23, United States Code, Section 409. The High Crash Segments and High Crash Intersections are the result of SSO crash rate analysis processes and are not intended to be complete or exhaustive and their inclusion here does not imply any particular ranking or limitation. Crash reports that reveal the personal information concerning the parties involved in the crash and that are held by any agency that regularly receives or prepares information from or concerning the parties to motor vehicle crashes are confidential and exempt from the provisions of Section 119.07(1), F.S. for a period of 60 days after the date the report is filed. (Section 316.066 (3)(a), F.S.)