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SSO Safety Program Tracking (SPT) version 2.0

This application automates the State Safety Office(SSO)'s Safety Program Tracking spreadsheet to track current, past and future projects.

This application is available for use free of charge from the Florida Department of Transportation. For information on how to obtain this application to use for your own agency, read our Technical Review document.

How to use this site:

You do not need to login to search for and/or review the projects on this site. You may browse the projects under the Projects tab or click the Search tab to enter identifying information that will help narrow the results you receive. You can review individual projects by clicking the link under the project name column.

You will need to subscribe to this site to add to it or edit the existing projects. From the Home page, click the "Login" tab and enter your email address when prompted. This will be your User ID for all future access to this site. The system will prompt you to enter your name, choose a password, verify your password, and choose your organization. If you do not see your organization on the list, click the big green plus sign + after the list box. You may then add the organization information on the screen that appears. If your organization is there but you don't see your section, office or troop, click the green plus sign, select your organization and then add the appropriate sub-section.

After you have registered, you access the site by entering your email address and your password. If you've forgotten your password, use the "forgot my password" link to have it sent to you.

How to Search for Projects

The Projects page lists the projects that have been entered on the site by organizations across the state. You can browse this list as it is with the most recent projects listed first, or you can sort the projects by project name, status, or any other column that has a link in the column header. You may also limit the list to the projects related to the "Safe Routes to School" program.

If you would like to filter the list, use the Search tab. The first text box allows you to search for a match in the project name. If you don't want to search by name, you may select one or more items to match in a variety of fields by highlighting the value you want and clicking the "Add" button in the middle of the row. If you change your mind, highlight an item in the right-hand box and click the "Remove" button. Use the "Clear" button to remove all choices for that row. When you're ready, you may click the "Search" button at the top or the bottom of the page. The results will be displayed in a few seconds back on the Projects tab and the system will automatically move you there.


Click on the link in the project name column to see details of the project. If you are the agency editor, this is where you get to you edit screens, too. The project information is displayed in the middle of the screen and under several tabs on the bottom half of the screen. The Dates tab specifies the project timeframe. Milestones break out tasks or events scheduled to complete the project. Comments reflect specific goals or current situations or any information the agency wants to share with others. Attachments may be scanned or linked documents that further define the project. The Permissions tab allows the agency contact to identify other editors from their agency.

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