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History and Terms of Agreement

Since its inception in 1990, Florida's Adopt-a-Highway Program has been very successful in reducing the cost of litter removal and improving the appearance of highway right of way throughout Florida.

Volunteers enter into a two-year agreement with DOT, during which they agree to conduct litter removal at regularly scheduled intervals. Many miles of highway are adopted statewide by various organizations, allowing civic-minded people to make a difference in their communities. This eases the load of DOT work crews, enabling them to devote more time to other road maintenance and special highway projects.

Adopt-a-Highway Agreement

Volunteers Agree to...

  • "Adopt" a two-mile section of a state highway
  • Dedicate two years to the program
  • Follow specified DOT safety regulations
  • Remove litter a minimum of four times each year.

DOT Agrees to...

  • Assist with safety meetings
  • Provide safety vests and litter bags
  • Pick up litter at specified locations
  • Post Adopt-a-Highway signs commending the group at the beginning and end of their section.

Please review the Adopt-a-Highway Litter Removal Agreement Form
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All official participants are required to view the following videos:
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