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Posted on 2/11/2021

Updates, Crash Data Systems

Several data systems open a window to crash data for Florida. Some common systems include the Florida Crash Dashboard, the CAR (Crash Analysis Reporting) system, SSOGIS (State Safety Office Geographic Information System) web tool, Florida's Signal Four Analytics, and the Open Data Hub.
The Florida Crash Dashboard is a portal to data from the official crash records repository. It provides summary crash statistics from statewide to county levels. FLHSMV (Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles) developed and maintains the dashboard. The Florida Crash Dashboard is accessible to the public.

The CAR system provides reports and analyses for highway safety professionals. The FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) developed and maintains the CAR system. It contains a copy of crash records from the official repository. Output is based on long-form crash records. The State Safety Office adds verified location data to the data to facilitate engineering activities. The system gives filter and query functionality to users. The CAR system is accessible to FDOT staff and contractors with proper AARF (Automated Access Request Form) permissions.

SSOGIS visualizes CAR data on all public roads. It is a web-based map giving users filter and query functionality. FDOT developed and maintains SSOGIS, which is accessible to the public.

Florida's Signal Four Analytics is another web-based map with several features for analysis, filtering or queries. The system uses a copy of data from the official crash records repository. Through the Florida TRCC (Traffic Records Coordinating Committee), the GeoPlan Center at the University of Florida developed and maintains the system. Florida's Signal Four Analytics is accessible to Florida government agencies and their contractors and consultants.

The FDOT Open Data Hub gives public access to official FDOT geospatial data. Crash, roadway, traffic, and other data are available. Users may download this data in several formats as they may with the other systems.

Visit the FDOT Safety Engineering website (see URL below) for more information and links for the aforementioned systems.

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