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Posted on 4/5/2016

2014 Shapefiles are Available

The Safety Office has posted the Crash Points Shapefiles for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. The new files are available in the Safety Office SharePoint site parsed out by District and County. The statewide files are more broadly available via the Department's Unified Basemap Repository (UBR), and have been posted in the FDOT ArcGIS Online site as well: Safety GIS data \\COdata\Shares\CO\Safety\Statewide-Share\CAR System Standard Reports\Published_GISdata\All Roads Files UBR internet view - https://www3.dot.state.fl.us/unifiedbasemaprepository/ intranet view - http://webapp01.dot.state.fl.us/unifiedbasemaprepository ArcGIS Online 2011 - http://arcg.is/1B47X5Y 2012 - http://arcg.is/1B47Kjc 2013 - http://arcg.is/1B4895j 2014 - http://arcg.is/1MQO0fK