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Posted on 10/18/2017

SSOGis Query Tool Updated with Current Crash Location Data

The SSOGis Query Tool has been updated. As of the end of September we have made the 2014 and 2015 crash points available in our State Safety Office GIS (SSOGis) Query Tool on our Traffic Safety Web Portal (TSWP). The Query Tool has a function that allows you to download data in Excel, Word or as a shapefile. This is not in the same format as the Unified Basemap Repository (UBR) files, but this, we hope, will be our new way of sharing located crash data in GIS format. The site currently has the complete years of data from 2011 through 2015 and shows some locations for 2016 and 2017. Ultimately, it will show all of our currently located crashes, refreshed weekly. We are still working to implement the weekly refresh function. These crash points will also be published in the Department’s GIS Enterprise View (GEV). Older years are available as static layers in the old format but cannot be actively filtered using the query tool.
SSOGis Query Tool: https://fdotewp1.dot.state.fl.us/SSOGis/Home.aspx
TSWP intranet: https://fdotewp2.dot.state.fl.us/TrafficSafetyWebPortalFDOT/
TSWP internet: https://fdotewp1.dot.state.fl.us/TrafficSafetyWebPortal/

UBR intranet: http://webapp01.dot.state.fl.us/unifiedbasemaprepository/
UBR internet: https://www3.dot.state.fl.us/unifiedbasemaprepository/

GEV: http://gisintra.dot.state.fl.us/gisframework/Default.aspx?appId=gev#{"extent":{"XMin":-10405515.343949962,"XMax":-8072415.916909767,"YMin":2666153.87,"YMax":3806317.34}}