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Posted on 4/18/2018

Coming Soon: 2015 Crash Shapefiles

The crash location shapefiles for 2015 are coming very soon. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) State Safety Office (SSO) generated a statewide annual shapefile for 2015. FDOT SSO will publish the 2015 crash shapefile after completing metadata (data dictionary information) to go with it. At that time, FDOT SSO will also publish a 2016 crash shapefile with completed location processing to date.
After publishing those two shapefiles, FDOT SSO will (1) finalize and standardize the crash-level shapefile format and (2) create vehicle-level, driver-passenger and non-motorist shapefiles corresponding to the crash-level files. Upon completing these steps, FDOT SSO will publish shapefiles and/or geodatabase files in the new format for all available years of complete data. Files by county and FDOT managing district will also be published.