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Web Application



This web portal is developed and maintained by the State Safety Office of the Florida Department of Transportation. Its purpose is to serve as a central location for the exchange and sharing of tools, data, information, and ideas among the traffic safety professionals in Florida.

Posted on 8/8/2022

Safety Data Integration Space

Visit the Safety Data Integration Space (SDIS) for access to traffic safety data and tools. Go to the FDOT State Safety Office SharePoint site and use the link at the top. Currently, access is restricted to users with a valid FDOT email account. https://gis.fdot.gov/arcgisportal/apps/sites/#/safetypublic

Posted on 12/23/2021

SSOGIS, New and Improved

SSOGIS has a new look and a new home on the FDOT ArcGIS Portal. Go to https://gis.fdot.gov/ssogis/ from your computer, tablet, or phone. Now you have the power of SSOGIS anywhere you go.

Posted on 2/11/2021

Updates, Crash Data Systems

Several data systems open a window to crash data for Florida. Some common systems include the Florida Crash Dashboard, the CAR (Crash Analysis Reporting) system, SSOGIS (State Safety Office Geographic Information System) web tool, Florida's Signal Four Analytics, and the Open Data Hub.

Posted on 4/24/2020

GIS Traffic Safety Portal

Daily updates on Florida traffic crash fatalities and serious injuries are now available through the State Safety Office’s Traffic Safety Portal! This portal also includes a dashboard showing the percent of crashes that have been verified by the State Safety Office Crash Records section, by year. The source of the data is the Crash Analysis Reporting (CAR) system and they are updated daily. This portal allows information to be viewed statewide, by district and by county.

Posted on 2/17/2011

Crash Data Disclaimer

Protection from Discovery and Admission into Evidence - Under 23 U.S.C. 148(g)(4) information collected or compiled for any purpose directly relating to the information and analyses on this portal shall not be subject to discovery or admitted into evidence in a Federal or State court proceeding or considered for other purposes in any action for damages arising from any occurrence at a location identified or addressed in the reports.